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What has happened to humanity?

In England,some young people (and perhaps there are a few old ones mixed in) think they’re entitled to…well, whatever they can get their hands on by hook or by crook. Since when did that become acceptable behavior? People are being killed - and for what? Plasma televisions?

And here in America… oh, America. You’re the nation I’ve grown to love more and more as I’ve learned more and more. And love you, I do. I pray we’re able to continue our streak of greatness, because the truth is that we are an exceptional nation. There’s a reason so many of my ancestors came here - they were pursuing something greater than what was available to them in their native countries. And you know what? I’m not an Irish-American. I’m not a Welsh-American. I’m not a Swiss-American, nor a German-American, nor a British-American. I am all of those things, yes. I have some lovely Irish traits (hello, freckles) and some Welsh (hello, “dark Irish” coloring) and some Swiss (I love chocolate…?). But who am I? I am an American. Unhyphenated. I didn’t grow up in any of those countries. I may preserve a tiny bit of their culture through my family members, but I am straight-up American. And I love that, and my country.

But dear goodness, moving on, sometimes people make me scratch my head and glance appealingly skyward, as if to beg the Creator how this could happen. And yet, happen it does. Part of that whole free will thing - those of us with the ability to speak, do so, often relentlessly. Occasionally - perhaps more so, depending on the speaker - we are profound and even prophetic. And occasionally, we speak so harshly as to wound and permanently remain in the memory of our audience.

We all know I’m not the nicest person in the world, though I do subscribe to the theory of trying. I fully admit that I’ve grown nicer - or perhaps simply more censored - as I’ve aged/matured. Part of this has been in response to what I’ve heard, and what’s been directed at me. That whole “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” stuff rhymes nicely but somewhat fails in practice.

10th grade of high school, in homeroom, a fellow classmate decided to announce to the class that “it looks like she has scabies, oh my Gawd!” Take a wild guess who the ‘she’ is in this statement. I’ve never forgotten those words, so apparently they have some power. And that’s just it: words have incredible power.

What is awareness? Awareness is using words in whatever medium you choose to educate, to inform, to edify, to enlighten those who otherwise would be in the dark. It’s standing up for what you feel strongly about - whatever the topic - and making a proclamation of sorts. Well, this is it.

Making fun of someone because of an illness, a disfigurement, a disability, or a physical anomaly is weak and petty. There, I said it. Deal. If you really think posting photos of Kim Kardashian with psoriasis on her legs so hundreds of similarly weak people can leave hateful comments is funny, you’re wrong.

Grow up. Superficiality is for those unable to face their own insecurities and failings.