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Today, I remembered how thankful I am for family. We may all be a little…dramatic (it’s true), and… argumentative (also true), but…we’re also family. And that’s a bond bigger than any I’ve seen this far in life.

My brother Mark, sister Liz, and I (60% of the kids in the family) went to a 5K Turkey Trot this morning in Wheeling. My first race -ever-, Liz’s third, and Mark’s way-more-than-third (he’s completed 2 marathons). We each set a new personal record, went beyond our own expectations, and then celebrated like none other at the end. (For the record, Mark finished in 24:30, I in 29:07, and Liz in 30:30.) The crazy “hell YES Team E” feeling at the end just reminded me how much I love and need this family. Because we can be crazy…together. Shamrock On!

And then the following happened later today. I was playing blocks with my nephew, who is almost three.

"Aunt Rie, you have a boo-boo on your elbow!"
"I do?" *glances down, notices the psoriasis that has been there for seven+ years* “Oh, you’re right, I do.”
"But why? Where did it come from?"
"Well, J, they don’t really know…"
"I’ll kiss it and make it all better." … "Aunt Rie, that tickles!"

It took everything in me to not cry. That kid rocks my world. 

I am incredibly thankful, and blessed. May you notice the same in the occurrences of your own life.