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Fact: my mom is my hero. So is my grandmother. And my other grandmother. Although completely different people, they all made the same essential choice — life. Today though, it’s all about Mama. You can call her Mama, she won’t mind.

Mama chose to get married at the ripe-old age of 20.
She chose to work starting at the age of 18, as a secretary and then in the Baltimore offices of T Rowe Price.
She chose to give up smoking - and drinking for that matter - when her and my dad started a family.
She chose to give birth to a son.
And then chose to have another child, son #2.
And then chose to have another child, son #3.
All in the span of 1976-1980.
She chose to stay at home and raise three small boys in the middle of a big city.
She chose to make dinner every night for a growing family. To stitch together overalls for her three growing boys. To hold together a family.
She chose to have another child, daughter #1.
She chose to ask the will of God regarding a move out of the city.
She chose to pick up, along with my father, and four kids ages 3-10, and move to Ohio, a state they had never been to before.
She chose to raise four growing kids in a duplex while my father worked as a schoolteacher.
She chose to make ends meet when my dad was unemployed.
She chose to have a fifth child, turned out to be me. ;)
She chose to give up the working world to be a stay at home mom to five kids.
She chose to take them to church, as a family, every single Sunday.

But you know what?
My mom wouldn’t tell you she chose any of this. She’ll tell you she wanted to get married, not that it was a choice or “get married or not” - it was the *only* choice. She’ll tell you she *wanted* children - not that it was a choice or whether to have them or not, but that there couldn’t possibly -be- another choice. She’ll tell you that everything of this life has been what she wanted, and she’d have it no other way.
How do I know that? ‘Cause she’s told me so, in no uncertain terms.

My mom is a shining example to me of what I can be if it so happens, and if I truly learn the meaning of selfless. She has given up so much, and yet, she doesn’t even regard it as a sacrifice. It’s simply the way it was meant to be. Perhaps above all, she’s taught me that if you truly seek to follow the will of God, and you don’t let your selfish will get in the way, you won’t have regrets and you won’t think “maybe I should have chosen differently”. You’ll know it was the path you were meant to follow. And what could be better than that?

I love you Mom. Yesterday, today, forever. You rock.

The day I left for Austria for four months. We cried after the picture.
(Yes, that is Franciscan’s campus, in case anyone else who went there is reading this.)
(And we’ve added more people since then!)

They’ve been married 40 years. Going for 41!

Isn’t she just straight-up adorable? Gah, I wish I had that red hair.