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I makezeroclaims to being well-versed, to being an expert, or even to being heavily invested. I am a fan of the sport of hockey, and a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. That’s all.

Eastern Conference:
#1 NY Rangers v. #8 Ottawa Senators: definitely going with the Rangers. In…5.

#2 Boston Bruins v. #7 Washington Capitals: going with Boston. I’ll give it to ‘em in 6.

#3 Florida Panthers v. #6 NJ Devils: let’s face it, if it wasn’t for the way hockey playoffs are seeded, this matchup would never exist in the order in which it is presented. A great comeback of a season for Florida, but Devils in 5.

#4 Pittsburgh Penguins v. #5 Philadelphia Flyers: easily the “must watch” opening round series in the East. Of course, I’m taking my Penguins, but I see this potentially stretching out to 7.

Western Conference:
#1 Vancouver Canucks v. #8 LA Kings: this could potentially be a great series. The Canucks have a lot to live up to, and they’re against Jonathan Quick. I’d love to take LA with the upset, but reality tells me to side with Vancouver in 6.

#2 St. Louis Blues v. #7 San Jose Sharks: who foresaw the Blues making it to the playoffs, and as a 2 seed no less? Granted, I don’t pay much attention to the West, but I’m going to go with Blues in 5. The Sharks just don’t seem to have it together this season (I’m sure they’ll now prove me wrong.)

#3 Phoenix Coyotes v. #6 Chicago Blackhawks: can the Coyotes pull of a series win in the playoffs? I wish I thought so…but I don’t. Chicago in 7.

#4 Nashville Predators v. #5 Detroit Red Wings: I’m going with Nashville on this one. Pekka Rinne is a boost to Nashville, and I just foresee them finallyhaving some serious success in a quest for the Cup. They’re strong, and while Detroit is good, a long series could show their age (or not, in the case of Jimmy Howard…) Either way, I’m taking Nashville in 7.

Well. Now that I’ve said all that, probably every prediction will be wrong… except for my Penguins.