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One thing I’m excited for:

starting library school. I’m scared as heck, too, but…man, it feels like I’m finally going to be an adult. And like I’ll finally know, “this is it. This is what I was made for.”

that’s a pretty awesome feeling.

because I can.


A quote I live by…oh, there’s so many.

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. —Hebrews 13:2

"Love overcomes, love delights. Those who love the Sacred Heart of Jesus rejoice." —St. Bernadette Marie Soubirous

and insert many more. Moving on…


Somewhere to move/visit:

well, I’m moving in two weeks. So I guess Syracuse.

I’d like to visit Maine. The whole state.


Five weird things I like…(I’m thinking weird = random to make it easier.)

cheesy ABC family tv shows. twirling my hair. freckles! watching an entire season of a TV show in a really short period of time. sweet tea made with fake sugar, with absolutely no ice. :)

25: currently worrying about…

moving. starting a brand new life. and pretty much everything associated with that.

26: likes/dislikes.

uhh. i like my blue eyes. and my freckles. a.nd being really tall.

i dislike… yeah, this is lame. i’m done.

yeah, i keep getting behind. deal.

22: Academics.

Not sure what this is asking, but..I went to public schools my whole life. Graduated in the top 10 of a class of 200. Just graduated summa cum laude from Franciscan University with a B.A. in history (and the history award, sweeeet). I’m headed off to Syracuse University in, um, two weeks (eeeep) in an attempt to get my MLIS - that’s Master’s in Library and Information Science. I’m pretty psyched.


I miss…well. I miss a lot of things. I won’t lie; I miss the easy days. The days when I didn’t have to think about working, or about paying bills, or about being an actual adult. I guess…I miss childhood.

24: Five words/phrases that make you laugh.

-It’s too hot for God.
-and really
-I can’t
-think of anything else

Also, can I just add:


I’m reveling :D

Day 15:

My zodiac is Aquarius. I know nothing about it and care nothing about it.

Day 16:

A “what if”: what if I had gone to UD and become a chemical engineer? That was the plan until April of ‘07.

Day 17: a pride thing

I’m proud that I graduated summa cum laude. Maybe that’s cheap or lame or something, but I had to honestly work for it, and it was worth it.

Day 18: a problem

Um…a problem I have had? Srsly? How about fighting psoriasis for the past seven years?  That’s a friggin’ problem. /rant

Day 19: Five items you lust after

Uhhhhh. I’m not answering this.turIt’s lame, and really, I can’t think of a thing to even list. Who lusts after items?!

Day 20: Fears

Spiders. Creaky doors late at night when the house is dark. Failure.

Day 21:

I hope my future is bright, but I know it is. God has a plan for me, and as long as I keep focusing on determining what it is, I know I’ll be fine.

So there’s that…

what I wore today? uh, ok.

franciscan orientation t-shirt and brown pants, flip flops.

and now i have my DC comics pj pants on with a t-shirt. :D i do love my comic pajama pants…nothing like falling asleep knowing you’ve got Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman at your back. :)

hahaha, opinion about my body?

i’m really grateful to my ancestors who gave me the tall gene. I love being tall. It’s really become something that has defined me, because tall women just aren’t that ordinary, which means…I must be extraordinary. ;) Also, props to whichever woman in the family passed on the genes to not be well-endowed, because, well, I like it that way.

I love my blue eyes. And freckles. And brown hair that I semi-dye red all the time.

I’m frustrated by having psoriasis. I’m frustrated with having gerd and knowing it’ll never go away because there’s an actual kinda-defect that’s causing it. I dislike that my eyes are terrible at seeing, but I’m grateful that they’re easy to correct with contacts/glasses.

While I know that I could be more in shape and toned and all that nonsense, I really don’t care. I’m comfortable with myself, the way I am, right at this very moment and if I decide to change any of that, well, that’s for me to change and no one else to determine.

So that’s that. Fairly lame.

Five guys I find attractive.

ooh la la! I do love objectifying the male gender. /sarcasm


1.] Hugh Jackman.

2.] George Clooney.

3.] Matt Damon.

4.] nameless person from real life because I didn’t want to only list famous people.

5.] Ryan Reynolds.

Yeah, so…guys in action movies are apparently my wheelhouse?

01. Your favourite lyrics from Change the World (Lost Ones):
"We could re-write history, if only you and me."

02. Your favourite lyrics from Cold War Transmissions:
"Your code I’ll break, you made your last mistake. Called out cold war,Remnants now on the floor."

03. Your favourite lyrics from Glass to the Arson:
Tonight I’ll just let go, Lost in your eyes, transparent cries.”

04. Your favourite lyrics from Naïve Orleans:
"Your actions write the melodies To the songs that we sing And you just sing along out loud."

05. Your favourite lyrics from another song on ‘Blueprints for the Black Market’:
"Help me to realize my dream is dying redefine despair I turned away So look the other way tonight"

06. Your favourite lyrics from Paperthin Hymn:
"These thoughts run through my head Over and over Complaints of violins become my only friends"

07. Your favourite lyrics from (The Symphony of) Blasé:
"Could the winter calm come twice? Because your heart seems so cold tonight."

08. Your favourite lyrics from Audrey, Start the Revolution!:
Do you think we have a chance tonight, as streetlights sing on Audrey’s song?”

09. Your favourite lyrics from Dance, Dance Christa Päffgen:
"Do you believe in science? She’s perfect chemistry
She wanted my love but I gave her the rest of me.”

10. Your favourite lyrics from another song on ‘Never Take Friendship Personal’:
"Turn and time and time will tell, Time will tell or tear us apart."

11. Your favourite lyrics from The Unwinding Cable Car:
"This is the correlation of salvation and love. Don’t drop your arms, I’ll guard your heart, With quiet words I’ll lead you in."

12. Your favourite lyrics from Alexithymia:
Like Paperthin Hymn, the whole freaking thing.

"Addictions fill the table where the family used to sit and conversate, conversate to the sounds, to the sounds of a record player, with its jumping needle and the lights that grow dim over time."

13. Your favourite lyrics from Inevitable:
"We could stay in this moment for the rest of our lives."

14. Your favourite lyrics from (*Fin):
"We’re not questioning God, just those he chose to carry on His cross.
We’re no better, you’ll see, just all of us, the lost causes.”

15. Your favourite lyrics from another song on ‘Cities’:
If life had background music playing your song, I’ve got to be honest, I tried to escape you, but the orchestra plays on.”

16. Your favourite lyrics from The Haunting:
"The moon she is lurking, the clock it stopped working at a quarter past three."

17. Your favourite lyrics from Uncanny:
"Non-fiction, oh envision, if we never met and what we missed."

18. Your favourite lyrics from Driving (Autobahn):
And we’re trying to get out of here and a small town romance draws ever near.”

19. Your favourite lyrics from another song on ‘Lost Songs’:
You are the noise in here I cannot sleep without. Constant reminders everywhere in between.”

20. Your favourite lyrics from Breaking:
"Do you collect the souls you’ve lost in the top of your dresser drawer?"

21. Your favourite lyrics from Retrace:
"Chasing shadows as the evening takes me, I’m still searching, but the picture’s fading."

22. Your favourite lyrics from Feel Good Drag:
"You were my greatest mistake, I fell in love with your sin…Your littlest sin."

23. Your favourite lyrics from another song on ‘New Surrender’:
"I used to think that the day would never come I’d see delight in the shade of the morning sun."

24. Your favourite lyrics from Impossible:
Not so easy to forgive, harder to forget. Take what you want.”

25. Your favourite lyrics from Pray Tell:
"Do you like the shadows in there? Keep me in the dark, now are you scared?"

26. Your favourite lyrics from Art of War:
"There are songs, I’ll never write, because of you, walking out of my life."

27. Your favourite lyrics from another song on ‘Dark is the Way, Light is a Place’:
"Feel like a shell of yester-years gone by, Bad decisions like ghosts that just won’t die. I’m so sorry that I can’t apologize for what comes next is another long goodbye."

28. Your favourite lyrics from one of the songs that Anberlin covered:
"Princess on the steeple and all the pretty people. They’re drinkin’, thinkin’ that they got it made."

29. Your favourite lyrics from a song that didn’t make it onto an album:

"And you are my fading photograph, and ripped memory, and your burning memoirs rest here. You know they wrestle with me."

30. Your favourite lyrics from an Anberlin song overall:
"For most who live and breathe,Hell is never knowing who they are now.Tell me who you are now. Finally safe from the outside trapped in what you know. Are you safe from yourself? Can you escape all by yourself?"

<3 anberlin.



there’s my biological family. it’s huge, and most of them are fantastic, but we certainly have…well, issues. doesn’t every family? and yet, some of my siblings are so close to me that they belong in the ‘friends just like family’ set. plus, my nephew…he’s a huge part of family.

and there are my friends. they’re a separate family.

and then, honestly, there’s the family I’ve found scattered in various niches of the internet. xanga, my previous blogging site to be sure, and certainly twitter…I’ve found fabulous folk there. And I’m starting to discover even more, and seriously, they are a family unto themselves. It’s a way to find all the people you’d be friends with in real life, if geographical constraints did not exist.

Random 10:

1.] Like A Songbird That Has Fallen - Reeltime Travelers from the Cold Mountain soundtrack

2.] Size Matters - Natasha Bedingfield

3.] A Little More - Skillet

4.] Kite - U2

5.] Lazy Sunday - The Lonely Island

6.] Awesome God - WOW Worship

7.] Sing Me To Sleep - Waking Ashland

8.] Wishin’ And Hopin’ - Dusty Springfield

9.] Drowsy Maggie/Johnny’s Gone To France - Seasons

10.] Colors Of The Wind - Judy Kuhn from Disney’s Pocahontas

Yeah, my tastes aren’t eclectic at all. ;)

Song 7 is one of my favorites actually, it’s on my “get inspired/don’t fall asleep yet” playlist.

"how important I think education is."

Education is crucial. Fundamental to education, however, is a general desire to learn and become greater. I can’t stress enough that it starts early, it really does. I’ve watched kids grow up, and the second they realize that their parents put little stock into education, they stop caring. They stop growing, and start memorizing and making it to the next day, so that they can reach eighteen years and declare “I’m done” to the world.

Education might even be relative. To say, “I am educated”, is not to say, “I am learned.” In the same way, one who is educated but retains nothing is less than he who is untaught yet learns.

And I must add, as a future school librarian [yes, that is my life goal, and in two years i will finally be there] literacy and reading skills just might be the most important part to come out of an education. I don’t care whether you’re homeschooled in the backwoods, attend a run-down inner city public school, or wear a suit and tie to your upscale prep school: if you can not read and comprehend, you will struggle forever and a day as a result. I think a lot of lower test scores, etc. come out of an inherent struggle by students to read and comprehend.

And that’s that.